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A Murderous Preacher’s wife in “A Backcourt”



A murderous preacher’s wife is a spouse who is capable of murder and is wed to  a preacher. In my new novel “A Backcourt,” not only is Lacy Brogdon a preacher’s wife, but she is very adept at murder. She’s killed enough people she no longer hesitates when choosing to allow someone to live or die. She commits murder when she needs to and has a firm belief that a power greater than herself is at work to make straight her way. It would seem that Lacy is the protagonist, but in truth she is the best antagonist ever. “A Backcourt” has been submitted to the Kindle Scout Program for consideration for publishing. Please click on the link below to read the first two chapters and also to nominate me. If I am selected all nominees will receive a free copy of the e-book. Thank you in advance for choosing to nominate “A Backcourt.” It is the third novel in a series that began with “A False Start.” Follow this link:

A Moving Screen is What?

A Moving Screen is the second novel in a three part series. A series is defined as a number of things, events, people and their life experiences that come one after the other. In the first novel of the series, A False Start, Anissa Brogdon is introduced as the main character. Her life is like a fairy tale. She studied hard and played even harder to earn a Master of Education degree and the record for fastest time in the two hundred meter race at her high school that still stands today. The man she marries is a rich and successful plastic surgeon who gives her anything she wants. And some things she doesn’t. Foley Brogdon, her husband, is quiet adept at giving sound beatings out of the blue. Needless to say, life can’t go on with sudden heavyweight challenges where only one participant lands punches. And so Anissa escapes, with a false start.  Thus begins a relentless pursuit by Foley to find her and bring her home, after all, home is where the heart is, as the saying goes.

A Moving Screen picks up the action with Anissa living and learning to breathe again in Atlanta, Georgia. There’s a new man in her life who loves her, but she’s not going to allow herself to fall too quickly. Merlot Candy, the new man, is a private investigator who becomes embroiled in a search for a serial killer with a past basketball teammate and friend, Dennis Cane. This type of search is not his strong suit. He knows nothing about crime scene investigation, but soon learns a lot from his friend Dennis Cane, who has a habit of putting things in basketball terms so that Merlot can understand. In Dennis’s opinion,  catching a killer is as simple as setting a screen in basketball and moving to create a foul situation. Hence, the moving screen.

The third novel in the series is  A Backcourt and is set for release this month, January 2018. This novel picks up the story where A Moving Screen left off. Once again Dennis Cane and Merlot Candy are in pursuit of a murderer. And. like before, Dennis compares their strategy for bringing the killer to justice to a basketball term. The backcourt foul, that is a sound technique to lead their opponent, the killer, exactly where they want. To a time and place from which there will be no escape. Maybe. . . .


A Backcourt follows A Moving Screen


Typewriter with Thriller button, vintage“A Backcourt,” follows “A Moving Screen” as the third novel in the series of suspense thrillers by Kris Allis. Once again Orella Bookings, Merlot Candy, Kathy Stockton, and Felton Dade will join forces  again to bring about justice.

“A Backcourt” has a wonderful cast of characters who all work together to bring about a series of events that culminate with a sense of finality whereby all questions are answered.

“A Backcourt” will be released as an e-book in December, 2017. The first two novels “A False Start” and “A Moving Screen” are on sale at

What is A Moving Screen?

What is “A Moving Screen?’ It’s a mystery novel that is filled with suspense from the first page to the last. But why the title? Why is it called “A Moving Screen?” I am a woman who enjoys sports. I particularly enjoy basketball and fellow basketball fans are familiar with basketball terms. For those of you who are not,  a ‘screen’ is defined as the legal action of a player who, without causing undue contact, delays or prevents an opponent from reaching a desired position. This does not mean that the player can cause a collision with the opponent, or push, or grab, or hold on to the player. When this happens it’s called a foul. And the referee calls the foul “a moving screen.” And sometimes a foul can make the difference in the outcome of the game. If you’ve ever watched a basketball game you’ve witnessed a player setting a screen. They plant their feet and cross their hands in front of them and make every attempt not to move, but at the same time block the opponent so that they cannot score. They’re the neatest maneuvers to watch because some players are more skilled at setting screens than others. Let’s put it in layman’s terms: A player uses a screen to stop opponent A from moving to point B in order to score or assist in scoring. Now back to my title. In my novel “A Moving Screen” two detectives want to stop a killer from killing again. So they set a screen or a trap. Below is a short excerpt from page  one:

A hot date with death was imminent for Meredith Payne. Literally. Not because she woke up with a premonition that this would be her last day on earth or because the skull and bones card was drawn by a psychic and placed in front of her. Meredith’s appointment with death was being arranged by another person in the room, a dark figure whose facial features she could not see. As he spread gasoline on the floor of the tiny room they were in, he worked with the intensity of a floor finisher applying a final coat of polyurethane to wooden parquet. He sloshed the toxic accelerant against the walls as though he were an artist throwing paint on a canvas. Silent and deliberate all the while, as if planning to ignite a room with human kindling was kosher.

Nude and spread-eagled on a wooden table with splinters in her back, no amount of strain could produce movement from Meredith’s arms or feet, giving her no option for escape. Nor was mental respite a viable alternative. Alert and aware, with a limited vista in which her shadowy companion moved in and out, seemingly unaware of her presence, she felt all of her body’s silent distress signals. To make matters worse she had no idea who this ghoul was or how she had come to be in this place.

Before waking up in her present immobilized state, the last thing Meredith remembered was dressing for an evening out. She had been so excited to wear the new black dress she’d found in a boutique for 75 percent off the retail price of $450. It made her look thin and she felt beautiful. In her cache of free eye shadows that had been gifted with the purchase of a cosmetic product, she’d found a shade of lavender eye shadow that matched one of the alternating rows of sequins at the bottom half of the dress. A deep plum lipstick highlighted her pouty lips to give her face a lovely coordinating glow. The six-inch black pumps provided the perfect finishing touch, adding just enough height to make her interesting. She pivoted in front of the floor-length mirror, grabbed her snakeskin purse, and left her house for a night of fun at the church.

Now, having no fun at all, she lay in this small, dusty, dim, godforsaken room where the only light came from a row of seven candles on a mantel straight ahead. She’d counted them three times. She’d numbered the large fern leaves on the faded pattern of the wallpaper on the wall above the mantel—twenty-one. She spied water stains on the ceiling, and the ornate crown molding that had not suffered the wear and tear of the chipped, elongated shelf held in place by cracked, mortared bricks. She imagined that people who had once lived in this house made plans for the future, and sat around this table enjoying their meals without a clue that Meredith would end up as its centerpiece. The main course. It was certainly nothing Meredith had dreamed for her future. The smell of gasoline reached her nostrils. She tried to cry out, but her lips would not open, her tongue would not move. Only a low, hoarse, unrecognizable grunt came through. She screamed inside.


“A Moving Screen” can be purchased by clicking here:

A Warrior in “A Moving Screen”

img_0294There is a warrior in “A Moving Screen.” Not the warrior you’re thinking of. And not the warrior in this photo that I took in Memphis last year. One of the characters  in “A Moving Screen” is  Dennis Casey who is a homicide detective. A warrior is defined as a person engaged in a conflict or a struggle. In “A Moving Screen” Dennis Casey believes that a serial killer is moving stealthily  in a metro area. The killer is very knowledgeable about forensics, thus he leaves no clues. This killer is also a warrior in that he is struggling to avoid detection by leaving his victims in different jurisdictions. In Dennis'(Warrior 1) mind the only way to stop this killer(warrior 2) is by setting a trap or a screen. Therein lies the conflict. The trap will prevent another victim from becoming a statistic. Which warrior will prevail? Dennis? Or the killer?

Read “A Moving Screen” to find out.

Sample chapters can be read on The book can be purchased on

“A Moving Screen” is a mystery that’s laden with suspense. One could even call it a thriller. The game between the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies was a thriller as well!

A False Start Leads to A Moving Screen


“A False Start” was published in 2014 with fans begging for a sequel, hence “A Moving Screen” followed in 2016. The main character in “A False Start” was Anissa Brogdon. She is a former teacher who is married to Foley Brogdon, a plastic surgeon. Unfortunately,  Anissa and Foley do not live happily ever after. “A Moving Screen” is a mystery that is filled with suspense around the pursuit of a serial killer. Anissa is joined in this novel by what is often referred to by reviewers as ‘a cast of colorful and memorable characters.’ As football season rapidly approaches the Super Bowl, the occasions for referees to roll their hands over and over and say “False Start” will soon be at an end. A false start is a foul in football. It is also a foul for track runners. The term ‘a false start’ works well for a novel when the characters in the story that unfolds find themselves in situations where their decisions to move quickly and impulsively lead to complications. “A False Start” is such a novel with the underlying theme of poetic justice. It is also the story of women helping other women survive abusive relationships.  Like a false start, a moving screen is also a foul. It usually occurs in basketball. We are into the NBA basketball season now and several times a week a player will be penalized for not firmly planting his feet when he sets a screen. Or in other words he will receive a foul for a moving screen. In the novel “A Moving Screen” the player who has to set a screen is the homicide detective. And he has to move if he wants to catch the killer. After all, anything can be caught if the trap is A Moving Screen. Both novels can be purchased at


A Moving Screen is a Trap!

“What does basketball have to do with finding a murderer?” 

This question was posed by Merlot Candy, a private investigator, to Dennis Cane, a police detective in one of the chapters of “A Moving Screen.” The answer is great: “The investigator sets a screen between the intended victim and the killer.  The investigator has to move or the killer will never be caught.”

In basketball A Moving Screen is a foul. In a homicide investigation  A Moving Screen is good police work.


Christmas Day 2016


This Christmas falls on the heels of the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States. It also is a day where citizens are enjoying the benefits of a healthy economy. Refer to the following links:

As the end of this day rapidly approaches it is my sincere wish that we find ourselves as Americans in an even better position on Christmas 2017. Only time will tell. In the Boston Museum of Natural History there was an exhibit called “The Clock.” This exhibit counted down every hour of the day through a film that featured clocks, or wristwatches, or dialogue, or digital displays used in movies that many of us have seen to illustrate each second of the day. For example if we were seated in the room for the exhibit now we may witness Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man telling his brother that the time is 2:08 and that’s the exact time right now.


The passing of time will reveal the kind of America we live in over the next four years. Some of us will prosper beyond belief while others…

If you’re alive today that’s a good thing! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and as Tiny Tim says in the Dickens’ classic  “A christmas Carol” : God bless us everyone!

Climate Change: A False Start?

glacier grey in chile

The 2016 Olympics opened last night in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The theme is diversity. They stretched that theme to include climate change. I am not a science person. I didn’t like science in school and I don’t care for it now. And yet I am amazed that I have no difficulty believing or accepting wholeheartedly that our planet is generating heat, creating what scientists call ‘the greenhouse effect.” Certain gases in the atmosphere block heat from escaping.  These gases are nitrous oxide, methane. water vapor (H2O), and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a minor but very important component of the atmosphere and it is  released through natural processes such as breathing and volcano eruptions and through human activities such as cutting down forests, land use changes, and burning fossil fuels.

There was a documentary showing on HBO last month entitled “How to Love the World( And Let Go of All the Things That Climate Can’t Change.” I watched and I learned that if things continue as they are, all of our coastal cities will be wiped off the earth. The climate change or global warming is causing glaciers to melt at an alarming rate. When they melt the water flows into the oceans and the sea level begins to rise. If allowed to continue to rise the waters overflow and swallow up the land. So places like Rio, Miami, Los Angeles, Hawaii, etc. will no longer be. Nor the people who live there if they cannot escape fast enough. I love that the people of Brazil chose to shine the light on this major issue that some would like to believe does not exist. But think about it!

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