Today I watched a segment of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel that focused on training children to shoot guns as a sport. The premise is that some parents believe that their children can learn to shoot and then be responsible enough to go hunting with adults. I would not go hunting with a child with a gun. I have three children. Sometimes I understand them and sometimes I don’t. The one thing I do understand is that they are impulsive and easily distracted. When and if I go hunting, I’m going to be busy concentrating and looking for whatever animal I have decided to murder. I do not want to have to watch a child, too. They make guns in bright colors to appeal to girls, and they make a gun that is similar to a high powered automatic rifle for boys. A map showing states that have lowered the legal age for hunting showed that Georgia is presently the only southern state that has not done so. Go Georgia! Snow may be too much but a child with a gun is way out there. How many news stories have we seen about children accidently killing each other? Does training them to use a gun mean that this won’t happen in the future? I think it will happen more often, because a child who is used to being armed will feel okay about playing with a gun. The concept  of death is not real to most children. They don’t get it. Putting a gun in their hands to teach them to shoot  is making a false start toward educating them about guns.