Today I read for the first time that there is going to be another Peter Pan movie. This one is called “Pan.”

It seems some people are not happy about the casting role for the character Tiger Lily. Read the link below:

The crux of the matter is that some people think that characters who are not Caucasian should be cast by an actor of that particular character’s race or ethnicity. I wholeheartedly agree. If the character is Native American, cast a Native American actor. They’re out there. There are so many actors for every race, creed , or color. When they needed blue people they used a computer. It is really high time for computers to cease taking jobs that can be done by humans. Unfortunately a lot of humans are unqualified for the jobs that computers can do, but it’s a good thought. It’s my good thought, among many, of the day. In my new novel “A False Start” there are no Native American characters in my story. Had there been, I would not have made the characters white simply because I didn’t want to do the extra work to make it realistic. But that’s me. And then there’s Hollywood.