That is a question for the ages. Where do I begin? Alcohol is an addictive substance that takes prisoners. It starts out as a warm glow that suddenly makes the world as you know it a different place. Everything about you changes: you dance better, look better, have more charm and savoir-faire, can leap tall buildings in a single bound, etc. etc. ad infinitum. Anyone who has fallen victim to alcohol and recovered will tell you that it’s not the multiple drinks that you had last time that made you drunk, it was the first one. Only the individual can say whether or not he or she is enshrined in the craving tentacles of alcohol. If they want to stop drinking, but cannot, that is a sign that their lives are out of control. If you have family members who are alcoholic, then chances are you may have inherited the disease. You know it’s a disease, right? SO! If you’re prone to alcoholism, or know that you have a problem with drinking, then yes! One drink is a false start. It’s not to relax. It’s an excuse to drink more and more until you can’t remember how much you drank the next day. Read the website below if you have doubts:

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