The dictionary defines a murder as the crime of killing another person deliberately and not in self-defense or with any other extenuating circumstance recognized by law. It can also be defined as something extremely difficult. For example: ” Hiking up that mountain was murder!” Of course when used this way we know that it doesn’t really compare to loss of life because a little rest after a difficult hike will usually result in calories burned and the hiker still breathing. Unless of course he or she dies of a heart attack. And then it’s closer to suicide and not murder. Anyway, I digress. The Chinese families with loved ones aboard the Malaysian Flight MH370 had no hesitation in letting their government know just what they thought about the announcement today. Read the link below:

And in case you missed the announcement, read the link below:

Is it wrong to speak out against the government? Did the Malaysian government deliberately crash the plane and not in self defense?


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