If you’re rich, I say yes it’s a false start; one that can land you in jail. The trouble with our system of helping the poor, or ‘entitlements’ as they are commonly referred to, is that everybody but the people who actually need it can get it. It used to be we’d hear stories of some African American woman with five children and no husband or job ripping off the system. Well Baby Baba! Times have changed. People have figured out that it is easy to get government money because there is so system of balances and checks. The government passes bills to provide the money and nobody watches how it’s used. You’ve heard tales of Medicare fraud. People working in the offices where public assistance and government funding are applied for basically make the decision to give to whomever they deem worthy. So a nice looking, well-spoken, excellent lying white person can sometimes get away with what the same type of black person would be denied. But that’s America. Many people have to know if a person is black or white before they do any thing to help them. Always. White people get help. Black people have to struggle. For the most part, the people in control trust people who look like them. And sometimes those people are con artists. The biggest cons in America have been run by white people hiding behind wealth that may or may not be real. It just looks real on paper. Here is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Read the link below:


Doesn’t this make you think? Doesn’t this make you realize that skin color has nothing to do with predicting whether or not a person is dishonest. It does me. But that’s just me.

In my new novel “A False Start” there are no con artists. Granted they don’t put their best face forward, but it’s not a con. It’s survival. Read the first four chapters at http://www.afalsestart.com