How can you tell if one child out of more than a thousand makes a false start in a race? You can’t! But if the event is scheduled for one date and then postponed and rescheduled, you have yourself a false start. Read the link below:

My mission, after I read this article, was to find out where the Tahunanui Beach Reserve is located. It was the site for the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids Tryathlon. And I found it! I’ll share the link that gave me that all too important missing link:

I think it’s great that every child got a medal! That makes it worth the effort, and there are no losers. In my new novel “A False Start,” Anissa S. Brogdon earned a medal and the school record for her performance in the 200 meter race in high school. Read the first four chapters on my website at http://www.afalsestart.comImagea false