I think not. Autism has become a global health crisis. Today was World Autism Awareness Day. Read the links below:


Thousands Of Landmarks To Go Blue For Annual World Autism Awareness Day

The best thing that parents with young children can do is to learn to recognize the symptoms of autism. Peruse the link below:


All children are blessings. They never ask to be born. Once born, they are completely dependent upon others for their care. Parenting does not come with a how-to-manual, but it should always come with love and acceptance. No matter what. Light it up blue? NOT a false start. It’s time we talk about these things.

Alcoholism and domestic abuse are two topics for discussion as well. In my new novel “A False Start,” Anissa Brogdon, the main character, begins her journey to freedom when the twin towers fall. Read the first four chapters at :