I worked as a bank teller for a few years, and there were days when I wanted to get my things and walk out of the door. We had certain rules and regulations that we had to follow which included asking for identification when presented with a check for cash over a certain amount. A customer who has had an account for years does not appreciate being asked for identification. And they will let bank tellers know it. Rudely. Loudly. They threaten to close their accounts. I would lie awake at night planning the day that I would quit. It would always be in the middle of a tirade by a customer. I planned to pick up my nameplate, close my cash drawer without counting out, lock it, drop the key with the head teller, and mosey right out of the door. I never got the chance to do it that way. I did quit. I just didn’t live out my dream. I knew that the only time that I could walk away was at the moment I was ready to no longer be employed. Some employees of UPS walked out during the work day. Read the following link to see what happened with them:


In their story, walking out was a false start.

In my story, “A False Start,” no one loses their job for walking out during a work day. However, there are losses. Read the first four chapters at : http://www.afalsestart.com