A rhinoceros, often abbreviated as rhino, belongs to a species of odd-toed ungulates in the family Rhinocerotidae. Imagine a male rhino strolling along with his two sons and their mother in their native land. He’s noticed that many of his friends and family are dead. Some males that remain no longer have their horns. He is puzzled. Something is amiss, but he continues his stroll. Out of nowhere, a few of the deadliest species in the world, men, descend upon him. Soon he is in pain and overcome with nausea. His family has fled. He is confused. Someone capturing his image on camera would see a bloody hole where his horn used to be. How cruel is that? And yet it happens so much that the rhinoceros is slowly disappearing. All because he has a horn that some use for medicine. Read the link below:


Unless we all get to Africa or China, I say that saving the rhino is definitely a false start. I mention the rhino today because I heard just a short blip about their impending doom as I passed the television today. I felt sad. I wish there was a way that we all: people and animals, could get along together. Live and let live. That wish of course is also a false start. 

In my new novel, “A False Start,” no one hunts rhinos. Rhino horn is not mentioned. Read the first four chapters at: