I really don’t know where to begin. What is going to happen next? As a former teacher, I can tell you that most students do not come to school to learn. Some come to entertain, to be entertained, to sleep, to have a hot meal, to see their friends, to make friends, to fight, to aggravate teachers, to disrupt class, to have sex, and in these days: to kill. Now, if all the students whose parents have taught them how to shoot were to come to school armed- and it’s been proven that a gun can get inside the school building- we’d have regular shoot-outs like in the old west. We need to do better with our children, people. This child brought a knife to school to wreak havoc. Read the following link:
I have to ask myself where is my life in more danger? In the ghetto or at a friendly neighborhood school? Stabbing is a false start. It is also just too much to talk about. So I will stop now.

In my new novel “A False Start,” one of the characters is a teacher. But no one has been stabbed or shot at her school. It never occurred to me to write that drama. Read the first four chapters at: http://www.afalsestart.com