Ask the Jews. Ask many African-Americans. Remember “Separate but equal…?” Will we, as human beings, ever get to a time in history when everyone is considered equal? I ask myself that question often. Which is why I’ve decided to pick and choose what news broadcast I want to listen to or read. I watched a special program today about Jews. And the Holocaust. Read the links below:

I watched as an alarm sounded and traffic stopped and Jewish people got out of their cars and stood, stopped working and stood, classroom activity halted as students stood–all to remember that it could have been one of them. Once the alarm stopped, all activity resumed.

I didn’t know about the holiday until today. January 27, 2015, I will remember.

Apartness does elevate to dogma. No false start there.

In my new novel “A False Start,” the main character longs for apartness. And that’s not dogma. Read the first four chapters at