Recently I made a decision to stop watching the news thus I have become selective in whatever documentaries I watch as well. My husband has not made such a decision. Today I walked into the room and he was watching a broadcast about bats. I was instantly attentive to the screen because a woman was holding a small creature that she called a bat. Now I’ve always thought bats were black and hideous. This little creature was brown and rather cute. The moderator explained that she had been given a rabies vaccination and so had the bat, otherwise she would not have held it in her hand. As the program continued- I was seated by this time- the broadcast shifted to inform of some ‘white nose fungus’ that is killing off bats. The fungus is being studied at Georgia State University. Ultimately the purpose of the program was revealed: bats are dying. No one knows what the fungus is. My question is whether or not this fungus can also kill humans. If it is rampant in bat caves and curious individuals go into the caves and come out carrying infected bats is there not a chance of spreading this fungus outside the cave? And armed with this knowledge how are we supposed to save the bats? By giving money? Or searching bat caves? That’s the job of Batman. And of course the moderator had to insert a reminder that bats eat insects so if all bats die, insects will flourish. But aren’t there other animals that eat insects? Yes there are. The moderator gave a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson about nature not being a saint. But I like this quote:

Nature is no spendthrift, but takes the shortest way to her ends– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Perhaps it’s time for bats to disappear. After all we have Batman. A new one at that! Read the following  link:

As for me and my house saving bats is indeed a false start.

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