I’ve been watching the playoffs and neglecting my blog. But I’m back today! The NBA has been in the news this past week. For more reasons than the main one–playing ball. If you’ve been paying attention you know to what I am referring. Most of us have to work for a living. We get up in the morning, get dressed, and head off to our places of employment. When we are paid on our respective paydays not once do we think about our bosses providing clothes, food, and shelter for us. We think about the fact that we have been paid in return for a job well done. If we were to think about our bosses providing for us, all of us would feel like slaves. But of course we don’t think about that. If what we do involves specialized training, we know that we have put in the time and the effort to reach a level of skill that qualifies us to do a particular job. In other words, we’ve been schooled. A good job, with a good salary, comes as a result of preparation on our part; it is what we feel we deserve. Some of us are paid more, some less, but we do what we are paid to do. So, with that said, I think about the Clippers. I like that team. In fact, I have traveled to the Staples Center twice to see them play. They were hurt. They felt humiliated. As we all would if our bosses took to the air and bragged about ‘providing for us.’

And it seems that the team did not feel the hurt alone. Read the following link:


I think the team should be sold to an owner who would appreciate a job well done, no matter the skin color of the person doing the job. But if we look around, how many other workplaces are operating under the cloud of racism? Forcing the sale of the Clippers is not a false start. In my opinion.

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