Imagine that you entered a hospital in labor, experienced labor pains, asked for something to help ease the pain, and suddenly, or so it seems, you’re holding a beautiful baby boy and wondering whose baby it is. “It’s your baby,” a voice from the room says to you as you stare at the infant in your arms. The room seems bathed in light and the only thing present are you and that baby. Days pass and you go home with your new son. You spend the next eighteen years doing whatever you can to ensure that your son has the best things that life can offer. You teach your son a code to live by that includes self preservation, self respect, and equal respect and consideration for others. You are pleased. You have done the best job that you can do as a parent and now a young man stands before you. And then that son becomes a military man. And then he’s deployed. And then he’s a prisoner. Can you feel the pain that his mother suffers? And then, a trade is made. He is released, and prisoners from a prison that is supposed to be closed by now are released. Hallelujah! Mother, son, and father will soon be re-united. But what’s that? Something wicked comes their way. It is a rumor that the son is a deserter.

In my opinion, the agreement to release that young man was not a false start. Persecuting him after his release would be. Parents, you understand don’t you? Read the following link:

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