You’re driving in your car on the way to wherever you’re going and you pass a car that’s been rolled over. It looks bad because the car is upside down. Someone must have been injured, badly. You see one lone person standing near the car. You stop to ask ” Was anyone hurt?” I answered “No.” Yes! The driver was me, and I have rolled over in a car three times in my life. I hope that third time was a charm! I wasn’t hurt, just embarrassed by the show of concern of passersby. The first time it happened I leaned over to the passenger side too far and lost control. The second time I hit a wet spot and the third time I tried to avoid a head-on collision.  I never learned to turn in the direction of the skid, so when the car started to slide I turned it so that it went into a spin. I still don’t quite understand the concept of turning in the direction of a skid. I take it literally and that’s how you go in a circle. Too bad I didn’t think to take a selfie! Read the following link:

There is no better feeling than to come out of a car alive a few minutes after you were certain you were going to die! I say Hurrah for their selfies! Not a false start! It was time to celebrate! They’re in their 80’s! They just dodged the grim reaper!

In my new novel “A False Start,” the main character has to drive her car recklessly in an effort to escape being killed. She didn’t roll over but she came close! Read the first four chapters at :