I can imagine that there are social clubs, restaurants, private meetings, homes, even churches where those in attendance feel free to refer to the 44th and the 45th President of the United States with the n-word and many more racial epithets. This is not news. Racism is real and it is a part of our daily lives. To continue to deny its existence is folly. Read the following link:


In my opinion, the use of the n-word to refer to the leader of this country is a false start. We are charged to show respect to the man who has been elected to the office of president. When we do not, we beg other countries to disrespect us all. Unfortunately, a racist is blinded by hatred, and cannot see the damage done to what was once believed a great nation. But whatever you do, don’t call them a racist; they’ll be instantly offended!

There is a racist in my new novel, “A False Start.” We live with racism…I couldn’t leave it out of the story. Read the first four chapters on