In the words of Henry Adams, “Friends are born, not made.” When we’re young we often enter the house and announce “I made a new friend today!” As we get older we realize that making friends is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes we can be a friend to someone who is not a friend to us and not know it. I recently had an event with a person that I considered a friend. This person became upset to the point of saying very harsh things to me simply because I asked her a question about something that we were both involved in. It was that incident that let me know that she feels that she should not be questioned. Now I ask you: how sane is that? So now, for my sanity, I have to take a look at this so-called friendship and decide whether or not I want to transfer her over to the acquaintance column. It’s a hard decision, but people are allowed to change their minds. Read the following link:

I am no longer a teenager so I must conclude that as I continue to live and meet new people, most of them will become acquaintances. Time will tell if they’ve been born to become another best friend. Right now I have one true best friend that I have known since college. And maybe one is enough. For me, referring too soon to someone new as a BFF at this stage of the game is a false start. But that’s me.

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