All of you who dream of marriage and all of us who are married have shared the same dream: The Wedding. Weddings are wonderfully elegant, ceremonial, emotional, reverential, and expensive. I still cry at weddings. Some people choose to write their own vows and some people recite the ready-made vows that have become immortal. You know the ones: “… for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.” Those fifteen words pack a powerful punch! If you stand before witnesses-no matter how many- and say those words to each other in the presence of a man or woman of God you are giving your word to someone that you claim to love. So when trouble or disagreements come you have to ask yourself how good is your word? Commitment, investment, surrendering-all these words are synonyms for what marriage is. Unfortunately a lot of people beg to differ. Read the following article:

In my opinion vowing to love someone and live with them in the state of matrimony until death severs the relationship is not a false start. It’s not easy- but nothing worthwhile is easy. As the French say “C’est la vie!”

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