The concept of “getting a life” should not be foreign to us. Each of us has a life that no one else can live. Thus, if we don’t do it…who will? As we grow older we change. The life we lived last year may not be the same this year…and that’s okay. Are we minding our own business? Are we accepting people for who they are and allowing them to live the way they want to without getting the nervous jerks over thinking about how we can change them to fit into our lifestyle? We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘life is too short.’ It really is. Many of us would like to live forever, the thought of death appalls us. Some of us, on the other hand, are ready to stop living, hence the growing number of suicides. My life has certainly changed over the years. I used to say that my children were my life. I claimed at times that my marriage was my life. Other days my job as a teacher was my life. My two chocolate Cocker Spaniels were my life. In actuality, none of these were my life. My life involves being the best me that I can be as I strive to live the life I have imagined. What about you? Do you have the life you want? If not, get it! Get a life!

Living your life is not a false start; it is the beginning.

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