Imagine that you have an identical twin brother or sister and both of you share the same body. Maybe it’s a case of two heads joined to one body at the shoulder, or two torsos joined at the hip; Siamese twins or conjoined twins. You would definitely have to plan for the single life; without marriage I mean. Unless you’re into threesomes.
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I dreamed of having twins; I thought it would be great to have two babies with only one pregnancy. Alas, it didn’t happen for me, but I came close. My three children are 20 months and 21 months apart, respectively. Some people call them ‘stair steps’ when they’re born that close. Believe me life with three small children is not a ‘crystal staircase’ every day. I was fortunate to be able to stay home with my children, so it was much easier than if I’d had a job outside of the home. But I digress. Back to twins! I believe that life in any form is not a false start. We all know that life is what you make it. These twins defied the odds.

In my new book”A False Start,” there are no twins. Except the Twin Towers, and of course when they fall, the main character in the story is catapulted into a new life. Read the first four chapters at