The African-American has the awesome distinction of being categorized by the number of drops of his or her blood; as in quadroon, or octaroon. Or at least that’s how the early census determined race. Today I saw the one woman performance called “One Drop Of Love,” produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. It reminded me again of the cruelty and ignorance of racism.
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About One Drop of Love

If this performance comes to your town, by all means go to see it! It’s very entertaining. We laughed, we empathized, and we stood up to cheer. Most people don’t want to talk about race or racism. Most people want to believe that it is a thing of the past; that it died with the Civil Rights Movement. It’s time to talk about it and stop denying its existence. At the end of the play we are left with the notion that one drop of love can do more to bring people together than deciding how many drops of African-American blood they possess ever did. One drop is not a false start. “One Drop of Love,” is a very enlightening and entertaining performance.

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