I just read this morning that someone posted an announcement on Facebook that Nancy Reagan had died. And that there have been similar reports of deaths of other celebrities. How Quaint! And other synonyms for quaint are outlandish, bizarre, absurd, preposterous, and ridiculous. Choose any one of those that you like. I prefer quaint. Quaint reminds me of a little old lady, sitting in a rocking chair, knitting a sweater, while she puts together a scenario to solve a murder. Death is definitely inevitable. We’re all going to die. There is no escape. No passes. No exemptions. No eliminations because of various and sundry family history. Fame will not keep you here in bodily form. So, why then, would someone find gratification in giving someone a death sentence that they have not earned? The person who had the brilliant idea to do it is going to die. Death is an unpleasant reality. Nancy Reagan has reached the ninety year mark in her lifetime. That’s great. And she gets to see how many people will react to her death. And she’s still alive! That’s a good thing. I believe that a death hoax, if looked at in a positive manner, gives the supposed corpse the opportunity to reevaluate life and to continue living. To the fullest. Maybe even make some changes. Many everyday people receive death hoaxes. In the form of inaccurate medical diagnoses, horrible accidents, and mass shooting incidents. When they live through these events they are usually happy. Death hoaxes are a trend. A fad. But death is real. I don’t think death hoaxes are false starts. They are reminders that life is to be lived. I’m certain Nancy Reagan is happy to be alive today.

By the way, there are no death hoaxes in my new novel, “A False Start.” There are real death threats!
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