Whiplash shows that a teacher has the opportunity to exhibit private violence with a student on any given day. Now what do I mean by that outlandish statement? I saw the movie Whiplash yesterday and it occurred to me while watching that a teacher is in a unique position to influence the lives of their students. Of course this movie is about a music instructor who decides to create phenomenal musicians; by any means necessary. His methods include verbal abuse, physical abuse, and psychological abuse. And of course he believes that he is doing his best to create genius. So goes the thinking of any abuser. Physical abuse is a means to an end. The main character in this movie lashed out at his musicians in the band room. In a private setting and he was able to control all of them with fear. Amazing! And we wonder about women who remain in abusive relationships! They are afraid. They have been damaged. This movie is an excellent portrayal of how an abuser can not only convince himself that he is doing good, he can convince his victims that he is doing good. In the case of students and teachers; if the student ever speaks up it is his word against that of a renowned instructor. Who wants to fight that battle? Violence and abuse are two evils of our society that many victims suffer privately. At least say a prayer for them, if you pray. If not, find an organization that supports abuse victims and make a donation. If you want to. It’s your choice. Whiplash is an excellent film about private violence committed in plain sight. It is not a false start. It is a very good movie. Private Violence is an excellent HBO documentary. It is not a false start. Read the following links:



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