If you saw a woman being abused would you help? If she asked? Or would you pretend you didn’t see like most people do? A Swedish group called STHLM Panda is being proactive in addressing the issue of domestic violence. My favorite aunt married a man who beat the daylights out of her. Because we all lived in my grandmother’s house, my sister and I were witness to this violence at a young age. We would scream at him to stop hitting her and once my grandmother aimed a shotgun at him and promised to kill him if he hit her child again. She didn’t kill him but he did die. And what did my aunt do? She married a man who’d boxed in the army and he proceeded to use her as a punching bag. What I could never understand is why she took the abuse. She would even argue back with him while he was hitting her until of course he knocked her out. She died as a result of his abuse. That is why I chose domestic abuse as the theme for my new novel. In the following links you will see how more than fifty people did absolutely nothing while a woman was being abused in an elevator with them:


In my opinion, ignoring domestic abuse is a false start.

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