Divorce is popular. Almost as popular as marriage ceremonies. Songs have been written about divorce. I must confess that I have considered divorce several times as a solution to my marriage. And in fact it truly is a solution. If your marriage is a problem, divorce will solve it. The marriage, that is. The marriage will be dissolved. Over. Done with. But problems, personal problems, linger long after a divorce is final. You see I had to come to grips with the fact that I’d made a commitment when I said “I do.” in front of witnesses, a man of the cloth, and like some people say: God and everybody! And like most people who get married, I was in love on my wedding day. Love is unconditional. If that is true, then it followed that any problem facing me and my husband could be worked through with love. Or hate. Or both. As long as the two of us just stood. Together. Worked it out. I’m not the only wife who has had to learn a few things about divorce. Read the following link:


I even went so far as to file divorce papers. But my husband came home. And the children were happy to see him. And so was I. For me and my house divorce is a false start. As for you and yours, I cannot say. I will simply say Happy Holidays!