Living authentically means being who you are everywhere you are. If you’re a recovering alcoholic and you know it, then tell people with a smile that you don’t drink! If you’re diabetic and you eat chocolate cream pie every opportunity that presents itself, admit it! If you can’t stand your sisters-in-law, say it! If you want to say it to them then do so, but if you only want the walls of your house to know, shout it out! It’s time to get real. For only when I admit my shortcomings and praise my goodness will I know true happiness. Happiness comes from inside of me. There is nothing that I can buy or sell that will make me happy forever. There is nothing that I can see or be blind to that will bring unspeakable joy. I must be myself. And enjoy the ride. That’s my continuing goal for 2015. I am.

Authentic living is not a false start! It is the beginning of a new and joyous life. It is being the person that lives inside of me and giving that spiritual being the opportunity to shine!