What’s in a name? The French obviously think a lot is involved in choosing a name. A lot of thinking that is. Read the following link:
I am a retired French teacher and I did not know that my beloved French kinsmen were so serious about naming a child. Living in the United States and reading about some of the names that celebrities have named their children; or the names that everyday parents choose; or the name I created for my oldest daughter; I am not surprised at the length some parents will go to give their children unique names. And yet it seems, had I been a citizen of France, I would have needed to give serious thought to naming my child. Of course the name Strawberry or Nutella never occurred to me for either of my daughters. I’m just saying. But as the French are so fond of saying c’est la vie!

Of course a rose is a rose, no matter what you call it- no false start there. However, if you live in a country where laws have been made concerning the naming of children and whether or not the name will open them to ridicule in later years and you don’t pay attention to these laws, odds are your name choice could indeed become a false start. So much so that a higher court can strip your child of his or her name. Bonne chance!