Surviving an abusive relationship is an accomplishment in and of itself. Competing with 11 other women as a member of Team U.S.A. in the International Snowshoe Championships in Canada proves that a battered body can heal. To dedicate each step that is taken in this competition to victims of domestic abuse is an amazing gesture! Read the following link:

Domestic Violence Advocate Running Down a Dream in Canada

Abuse is defined as treating a person or an animal with cruelty or violence regularly or repeatedly. Lately domestic abuse has been newsworthy because of claims against some professional athletes. Every three seconds a woman is abused somewhere in the world and for the rest of us who are safe and untouched to ignore that fact is a false start. We go along from day to day as if we don’t see the signals. Granted the signals are hard to recognize, unless abuse is happening right in your face and even then some people choose not to get involved. Sadly, most victims of abuse will not tell anyone about it because they feel ashamed and responsible. I admire this woman for honoring domestic abuse survivors as she races. Many women do not survive. I also found out today that there is actually a Snowshoe Racing Association. There are people who want this sport included in the Olympics. I wish them well.Read the following link:

It’s hard enough to run a race without having to do so in snow. Surviving domestic abuse and being able to race in snowshoes is not a false start. It is a reminder of the strength of the human spirit. Go Team USA!