Is it possible to give something away and still keep it? All things are possible, my friend. Have you have ever participated in or purchased something because you were promised a free gift to do so? Why? Because we love free gifts! Each of us! All of us!

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There is a power greater than all of us–a power that some call spirit, some call consciousness,  some call source, some call God, some call Budda, some call Allah, some call Jehovah — by whatever name that power is called it is that power that has freely given priceless gifts to all of us. We didn’t have to buy anything to get them! They were free! These gifts are so versatile that we can give them away and still keep them! These gifts are definitely not superfluous.

As we all know this is the Holiday season! The time of year when we make the choice to wish joy to the world. To celebrate life! And our faith convinces us that we will be here to ring in the new year!  The miraculous gifts that we have been given by our higher power  were not out there in the mall on sale Black Friday, or online Cyber Monday, so they will not be under the Christmas tree wrapped in pretty paper with big beautiful bows.

The greatness of these gifts lie in the fact that they are inside of us. Each of us! All of us!

Gift number one: Life!

How many of you can remember being someplace out there in space and deciding that you were going to be born on a certain day? No one! Our higher power made that decision by giving us life! “I am come that you may have life and that more abundantly.” An abundant life is rich in potential! Life has purpose, life is good, life is not to be taken lightly. Living an abundant life requires giving life away. How do we give life? By our creativity, by our dreams, by our time. By showing mercy, kindness, and compassion, By focusing less on differences, and more on similarities And most especially by loving.

Gift number two: Faith!

It is by grace that we come to know our higher power through faith and this not of ourselves, it is a gift. Let’s give it away! And how do we give faith? By encouragement, support, celebrating the successes of others, praise, appreciation, showing interest, becoming a good listener, by talking to others! We’ve all been given faith.

Gift number three: Joy!

The presence of our higher power is not in food or drink, but in peace and joy that comes from the spirit of that power inside of us! Each of us! All of us!  And joy is not merely happiness! It is triumph, exultation, rejoicing,  bliss, euphoria, and a deep knowing pleasure that no matter what we face all is well. Count it all joy! Knowing this: your trials and tribulations produce patience.  And patience my friends is a virtue! Give joy to the world! And how do we give away joy? Smiles, hugs, compliments, remembering names, saying thank you, calling an old friend, laughter.
Gift number four: Choice!
We have been given freedom to choose. To choose anything that we want. In that case Let’s choose to hold on to our faith, hold on to our joy, and to enjoy this abundant life! How do we hold on to these gifts? By prayer, meditation, and thanksgiving . By singing a song! Dancing a dance! By giving to others. You can’t give what you don’t have! That’s why you hold on to these special gifts from our higher power so that we can give them away!

You hear all the time that we should give to those less fortunate, but there are people who are very fortunate who can use the gift of joy in the form of a smile, a hug, an unexpected compliment, laughter, or a song.
Sometimes the fortunate and the unfortunate need the gift of life in the form of a kidney, a heart, a lung, or blood – donated by a cheerful giver.
Every person on earth can use the gift of faith when things aren’t coming up rosy!
And when we use the gift of choice and make the decision to give life, faith, or joy we replenish our own supply! We give them to keep them.
Life, faith, joy and choice. All gifts! All freely given so that we can freely give them away. All these gifts are on the inside of us! Each of us! All of us!

Give them away so that you may keep them.