It is night. On a long, dark, country road. The headlights of a car come into view. The vehicle is speeding. As it approaches a sharp curve it suddenly hits a patch of ice that causes it to swerve across the road with the back wheels skidding. Almost instantaneously it goes into a spin! Round and round it goes until it flips over and lands upside down—wheels still turning. Seconds pass. Suddenly it explodes and bursts into flames! And we know without a doubt that every living soul inside will perish.

One slick spot and the occupants of the vehicle experience the last day of the rest of their lives.

And the director yells “Cut!”


We’ve all seen that movie, but sometimes in life we will hit a slippery spot or an icy patch in the middle of our road to destiny.

Things like failing a class; not graduating on time; not getting the job that dreams are made of; losing a job; being passed over for a promotion; the roof caves in; an accidental fall breaks a hip or a limb; not having luggage arrive at our destination when we do; a delayed flight; a missed train; a tornado; etc. etc. ad infinitum.

These things happen and we go into a skid.

red car enters the turn with skid.
Both a skidding car and life on the skids should be handled the same way.

What should we do? Should we give in, flip over, and burst into flames? Do we allow the small setbacks in life to determine our destiny? Not if we want to survive. Survival dictates that we:

Turn in the direction of the skid and regain control.

What does it mean to turn in the direction of the skid?
In a car, it means to steer in the direction you want the front wheels to go. For example, if your rear wheels are sliding left, steer left. If they’re sliding right, steer right. Turning in the direction of the skid allows  you to regain control and steer the vehicle straight ahead.

In life it means the same thing. If incidents and situations aren’t going the way you’d like, turn into the direction of these occurrences. Lean in. Roll with the punches. Clean up behind yourself. If you’re hurting scream out loud and keep going!  Knowing that this too will pass as long as we do the next best thing.
In our cars and in our lives we turn in the direction of the skid, straighten up, and keep moving forward.

Studying the manual of driving procedures and laws will allow you to pass a written test for your driver’s license. And if your actual driving is good enough you are awarded a license that sets you free to have an adventure on the road.

Do we have a manual for living? Some say the holy scriptures contain words to live by. Some say the truth sets you free to have an adventure in life.


Unfortunately, skids really happen. Acknowledge them and don’t give in to them. Don’t allow the  skids to cause you to panic and flip over and out. Turn in the direction of the skid! Stay straight on the road to your destiny.