The Alliance Theater in Atlanta, Georgia  opens its doors to some very good productions. Recently we saw the broadway hit “Disgraced” there. One of the things that they do when they have a new production is invite the community to come to an evening of Q & A with pertinent people involved with bring the play to the stage. On the evening of March 15, my two daughters and I went to such an event. This one was for the upcoming production of “Born for This.” Read the following link:

As you can see this play is the story of Bebe Winans. If you are not familiar with him, Bebe Winans is one of nine children born into a family who dedicated their lives to gospel music. Bebe sang with his sister Cece and they were my favorite gospel singers. I owned all of their music and always played it in my car. It was a staple for me during traffic or when the interstate was filled with eighteen-wheelers. I do not like to drive next to those big trucks. The children would say “Mama must be nervous about those trucks, she’s playing Bebe and CeCe.” To see Bebe in person was a treat for me. He turned it into a thrilling episode of my life when he sang the theme song for the play “Born for This.” I wanted to hit the repeat track button and I could not! The first thing I asked was if I could buy the song now. Unfortunately it is not available to the public yet although there were many people in the audience with their cell phones up recording it. Who knows? It may be on youtube today and I’ve missed it. I eagerly anticipate this play and to prepare myself for it, I pulled out all of my old Bebe and Cece music today. The young man who plays Bebe is actually his nephew. I hope for his sake that he can sing. Because Bebe is a great singer. I’ve been to concerts before where the artists sound better on their recordings than they do in person. Sometimes they don’t sound the same at all. But not Bebe! That man  brings his voice with him. No lip syncing for him! His voice sounds as if he’s straining to hit some of those notes, but watching him you can see that the sound flows from deep within and there’s no strain or struggle involved. He is awesome!

“Born for This” is not a false start. It is a beautiful new song by Bebe Winans and is also the title of his new play. I’ll be there!