A party is filled with people having fun. In the United States we have two major political parties and I don’t think they’re having any fun. Not from what I can see. Let’s go to those parties!

Happy New Year
Everybody likes to party at least once!

The Democratic Party was founded in  the 1800s and its philosophy is centered on economic and social equality as well as the welfare state. The welfare state is a government concept in which the state plays a pivotal role in protecting its citizens as well as promoting their  economic and social well-being. The Democratic party provides government intervention and regulation for a mixed economy through policies such as consumer protection, environmental protection, equal opportunity, universal health care, support for labor unions and the introduction of social programs. The Democrats are called liberalists

The Republican Party was also founded in the late 1800s after the Democratic Party. Its philosophy is centered on support for free enterprise, business, deregulation, national defense, restrictions on labor unions, traditional values, and free market capitalism. The Republicans are called conservatives.

These two parties have not been able to get along for the past eight years in a country that was founded on a government by the people, of the people, and for the people. We the people have not been invited to their party. For years!

A party is going on here and we are not invited. Our votes don’t seem to get us in. Political parties that work together for the people are not a false start. They make a country great.

Capitol Building U.S. Congress
United States Capitol Rotunda. Democratic and Republican party home in Washington D.C.