Many Predators hunt at night. In my new novel “A Moving Screen,” a predator kills over and over with impunity. Can he be caught? Predators are skilled at spotting, stalking, and attacking their prey. One such predator is the barn owl. The barn owl is a silent killer and is nocturnal. His wings make no sound as he hovers above his prey. He is able to capture many an unsuspecting specimen  this way. This owl is found almost everywhere in the world except the desert and polar regions. In Britain and some Pacific Islands it hunts during the day. They are very attractive and unique predators.



The human predator hunts everywhere in the world, killing day and night. Usually they are skilled. Sometimes they are lucky. But they too spot their victim, stalk them, and then attack. Some killers are impulsive and kill out of emotion. Quickly and sometimes without warning. Human predators are sometimes attractive and unique people. In my new novel “A Moving Screen” a predator kills at will.


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