This Christmas falls on the heels of the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States. It also is a day where citizens are enjoying the benefits of a healthy economy. Refer to the following links:

As the end of this day rapidly approaches it is my sincere wish that we find ourselves as Americans in an even better position on Christmas 2017. Only time will tell. In the Boston Museum of Natural History there was an exhibit called “The Clock.” This exhibit counted down every hour of the day through a film that featured clocks, or wristwatches, or dialogue, or digital displays used in movies that many of us have seen to illustrate each second of the day. For example if we were seated in the room for the exhibit now we may witness Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man telling his brother that the time is 2:08 and that’s the exact time right now.


The passing of time will reveal the kind of America we live in over the next four years. Some of us will prosper beyond belief while others…

If you’re alive today that’s a good thing! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and as Tiny Tim says in the Dickens’ classic  “A christmas Carol” : God bless us everyone!