“A False Start” was published in 2014 with fans begging for a sequel, hence “A Moving Screen” followed in 2016. The main character in “A False Start” was Anissa Brogdon. She is a former teacher who is married to Foley Brogdon, a plastic surgeon. Unfortunately,  Anissa and Foley do not live happily ever after. “A Moving Screen” is a mystery that is filled with suspense around the pursuit of a serial killer. Anissa is joined in this novel by what is often referred to by reviewers as ‘a cast of colorful and memorable characters.’ As football season rapidly approaches the Super Bowl, the occasions for referees to roll their hands over and over and say “False Start” will soon be at an end. A false start is a foul in football. It is also a foul for track runners. The term ‘a false start’ works well for a novel when the characters in the story that unfolds find themselves in situations where their decisions to move quickly and impulsively lead to complications. “A False Start” is such a novel with the underlying theme of poetic justice. It is also the story of women helping other women survive abusive relationships.  Like a false start, a moving screen is also a foul. It usually occurs in basketball. We are into the NBA basketball season now and several times a week a player will be penalized for not firmly planting his feet when he sets a screen. Or in other words he will receive a foul for a moving screen. In the novel “A Moving Screen” the player who has to set a screen is the homicide detective. And he has to move if he wants to catch the killer. After all, anything can be caught if the trap is A Moving Screen. Both novels can be purchased at