img_0294There is a warrior in “A Moving Screen.” Not the warrior you’re thinking of. And not the warrior in this photo that I took in Memphis last year. One of the characters  in “A Moving Screen” is  Dennis Casey who is a homicide detective. A warrior is defined as a person engaged in a conflict or a struggle. In “A Moving Screen” Dennis Casey believes that a serial killer is moving stealthily  in a metro area. The killer is very knowledgeable about forensics, thus he leaves no clues. This killer is also a warrior in that he is struggling to avoid detection by leaving his victims in different jurisdictions. In Dennis'(Warrior 1) mind the only way to stop this killer(warrior 2) is by setting a trap or a screen. Therein lies the conflict. The trap will prevent another victim from becoming a statistic. Which warrior will prevail? Dennis? Or the killer?

Read “A Moving Screen” to find out.

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“A Moving Screen” is a mystery that’s laden with suspense. One could even call it a thriller. The game between the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies was a thriller as well!