A Moving Screen is the second novel in a three part series. A series is defined as a number of things, events, people and their life experiences that come one after the other. In the first novel of the series, A False Start, Anissa Brogdon is introduced as the main character. Her life is like a fairy tale. She studied hard and played even harder to earn a Master of Education degree and the record for fastest time in the two hundred meter race at her high school that still stands today. The man she marries is a rich and successful plastic surgeon who gives her anything she wants. And some things she doesn’t. Foley Brogdon, her husband, is quiet adept at giving sound beatings out of the blue. Needless to say, life can’t go on with sudden heavyweight challenges where only one participant lands punches. And so Anissa escapes, with a false start.  Thus begins a relentless pursuit by Foley to find her and bring her home, after all, home is where the heart is, as the saying goes.

A Moving Screen picks up the action with Anissa living and learning to breathe again in Atlanta, Georgia. There’s a new man in her life who loves her, but she’s not going to allow herself to fall too quickly. Merlot Candy, the new man, is a private investigator who becomes embroiled in a search for a serial killer with a past basketball teammate and friend, Dennis Cane. This type of search is not his strong suit. He knows nothing about crime scene investigation, but soon learns a lot from his friend Dennis Cane, who has a habit of putting things in basketball terms so that Merlot can understand. In Dennis’s opinion,  catching a killer is as simple as setting a screen in basketball and moving to create a foul situation. Hence, the moving screen.

The third novel in the series is  A Backcourt and is set for release this month, January 2018. This novel picks up the story where A Moving Screen left off. Once again Dennis Cane and Merlot Candy are in pursuit of a murderer. And. like before, Dennis compares their strategy for bringing the killer to justice to a basketball term. The backcourt foul, that is a sound technique to lead their opponent, the killer, exactly where they want. To a time and place from which there will be no escape. Maybe. . . .