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A Murderous Preacher’s wife in “A Backcourt”



A murderous preacher’s wife is a spouse who is capable of murder and is wed to  a preacher. In my new novel “A Backcourt,” not only is Lacy Brogdon a preacher’s wife, but she is very adept at murder. She’s killed enough people she no longer hesitates when choosing to allow someone to live or die. She commits murder when she needs to and has a firm belief that a power greater than herself is at work to make straight her way. It would seem that Lacy is the protagonist, but in truth she is the best antagonist ever. “A Backcourt” has been submitted to the Kindle Scout Program for consideration for publishing. Please click on the link below to read the first two chapters and also to nominate me. If I am selected all nominees will receive a free copy of the e-book. Thank you in advance for choosing to nominate “A Backcourt.” It is the third novel in a series that began with “A False Start.” Follow this link:

The Best Thriller Novels Have Character

What Are the Best Thriller Novels? The best thriller novels are those novels with a central character that can get himself or herself out of any situation. Including death. After reading about such a character, readers usually never forget them. Characters like D’artagnon, James Bond, and Oliver Twist. These people sprung from the imagination of their respective authors. And yet those of us who’ve read about them consider them old friends. We long to know what happened to them after the last page of the novel is turned.

James Patterson’s character Alex Cross is an example.  Alex is a psychologist and a former FBI agent who lives and works in Washington, D C. He is very intelligent and cool as a cucumber. He is a good father and chooses to live in a high risk neighborhood even though he can afford to live elsewhere. He volunteers at St. Anthony’s Parish as his way to get involved with the community. He has loved and lost several women due to various reasons. He appeared first in “Along Came a Spider.”



Lee Child’s character Jack Reacher is another example. Jack Reacher is a different sort of guy. He is a former military police officer of the United States Army. He travels around the country with no luggage. When he needs a change of clothes he buys them and discards the old ones. He finds himself in dangerous situations quite often, but he manages to come out of them on top. He appeared first in “ Killing Floor.”




Kris Allis’s character Anissa Brogdon is yet another example. Anissa endures three years of her life with an abusive husband who goes to the outer limits of hell to torment her. She manages to escape and still maintain her dignity and sanity. She also resolves to never go back to him and finds herself literally running for her life. She first appears in “A False Start.”


 ++++The best thriller novels have characters that are not easily forgotten and they are so likeable that readers want to read about their adventures again and again if possible. Hence the best thriller novel series.The

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