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Typing a Thriller: A False Start?

Antique typewriter with aged textured paper sheet
The Best Thriller Novels are Typed.


The best thriller novels are typed. Not typed as opposed to handwritten. The best thriller novels fit into a type. The types we see most often are as follows:

As the words suggest a spy thriller is about espionage. Espionage is the practice of spying or using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information. On the list of best spy thriller novels “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold” is always at the top. This novel was written by John Le Carre. In this first thriller, Le Carre writes about a British agent in Cold War Berlin who keeps the double agents (Spies) under his care alive and undercover. When they start being killed the agent, Alec Leamas, has to go into Communist territory to find out why.




This type of thriller is centered around solving a mystery in a fast-paced, suspenseful environment. In “A Moving Screen,” a serial killer has murdered women at will, twice a year on June 16 and June 24 for the past three years. The police have no clue to the identity of this killer or what his motives are. The reader is immediately thrown into the story on June 16, 2008. A fast-paced race ensues to stop the killer before he strikes again and goes undercover until the next year.



This type of thriller has a character who is mentally disturbed. On the list of best psychological thrillers is “Misery” by Stephen King. This is a story about a mentally disturbed former nurse who rescues her favorite author in a snow storm. She turns cruel when she realizes the heroine of most of her favorites, Misery Chastain, has just died in his latest novel.


This type of thriller focuses on the world of fantasy. On the list of best science

fiction thrillers is “Dracula” by Bram Stoker. Dracula is a vampire.



A Moving Screen

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Writing A Thriller: A False Start


We in the south love our tea. When guests come to visit it is always a good idea to serve tea—hot or cold. The British insist that the water should be boiling hot to bring out the flavors of the tea. And what is more refreshing on a hot day than a cold glass of iced tea with ice cubes? In order to write the best thriller novel possible an author has to serve “T.” Neglecting to boil the water makes hot tea ineffectual and cold tea without ice is just cold tea; in other words, your tea is lacking that special ‘it.’ Writing the best thriller novel possible requires serving “T.” Neglecting to incorporate the following “T’s” is like serving tea that’s lacking that special ‘it.’


The main character(protagonist) and the villain (antagonist) are each trying to reach a goal. One is trying to stop the other. This battle creates the turmoil. Make it a good battle. The antagonist has to seem logical in his or her quest, whether for good or evil. So does the protagonist. Result: The Best Thriller Novel

In “A Moving Screen,” the antagonist, Michael, is a serial killer. Why he kills has to make sense.

Tuned-in Characters

Your characters make your thriller. They have to be real people. In other words, they can’t be perfect. Nobody’s perfect. To write the best thriller novel possible give those characters personality!

In “A Moving Screen” Missy Kinner is definitely not perfect. She’s divorced with issues trying to survive.


Readers need to be surprised. Getting what is expected is boring. When the reader least expects it, turn a corner and go another direction. Heart pounding twists will create one of the best thriller novels.


Leave your readers thinking after they read the last sentence. Just like in the fairy tales of old, give them a moral for the story.

Suspense Thriller: A False Start?

As I wrote my new suspense thriller, “A Moving Screen,” I realized that readers would connect with my characters one way or another. Either they despise them or empathize with them. Writing suspense requires reader empathy and reader concern. In other words, when a character is struggling to get what he or she most desires readers will become invested. Suspense will build to a thrilling climax.

The first sentence in “A Moving Screen” sets the stage:

“A hot date with death was imminent for Meredith Payne.”

From the beginning readers know that Meredith is in trouble. Because the next line is one word:


Apprehension is experienced right away. Why does Meredith have a date with death? And how is she going to die? The reader has no idea who Meredith Payne is. Maybe she deserves to die, maybe she doesn’t.

The first paragraph continues:

“Meredith’s appointment with death was being arranged by another person in the room, a dark figure whose facial features she could not see.”

Enter another character. Will the reader care about this dark figure? Now mystery has been introduced. Who is it? And why does he or she want to kill Meredith? Suspense begins to build. Danger approaches. And it becomes obvious that something terrible is about to happen.

The story continues as though the author is slowly pumping air into a balloon¾more and more, until the balloon is filled.  Then the author, through words and action, threatens to burst it.

Below is the official trailer:

Use a woman card: A False Start?

Define woman card. It’s not that simple. If using a woman card was so effective, women would be listed at the top of every movement and overflow the Forbes Lists. The woman card will not pay for a shopping spree! The woman card will not provide goods and services in all major economies. The woman card is not in anyone’s wallet. To be a woman is a good thing and women make up a large part of the population of the United States and the world. We go about our daily lives doing the things that make us happy and the things that are required of us. Those women who are enslaved in sex trafficking would gladly use their woman card for freedom. I wonder if they can? Maybe they don’t know about this woman card.  Do you think the one below with the pretty flowers would work?

Calendula on a white background


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Catch a Predator: A False Start?

Many Predators hunt at night. In my new novel “A Moving Screen,” a predator kills over and over with impunity. Can he be caught? Predators are skilled at spotting, stalking, and attacking their prey. One such predator is the barn owl. The barn owl is a silent killer and is nocturnal. His wings make no sound as he hovers above his prey. He is able to capture many an unsuspecting specimen  this way. This owl is found almost everywhere in the world except the desert and polar regions. In Britain and some Pacific Islands it hunts during the day. They are very attractive and unique predators.



The human predator hunts everywhere in the world, killing day and night. Usually they are skilled. Sometimes they are lucky. But they too spot their victim, stalk them, and then attack. Some killers are impulsive and kill out of emotion. Quickly and sometimes without warning. Human predators are sometimes attractive and unique people. In my new novel “A Moving Screen” a predator kills at will.


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Political Party: A False Start?

A party is filled with people having fun. In the United States we have two major political parties and I don’t think they’re having any fun. Not from what I can see. Let’s go to those parties!

Happy New Year
Everybody likes to party at least once!

The Democratic Party was founded in  the 1800s and its philosophy is centered on economic and social equality as well as the welfare state. The welfare state is a government concept in which the state plays a pivotal role in protecting its citizens as well as promoting their  economic and social well-being. The Democratic party provides government intervention and regulation for a mixed economy through policies such as consumer protection, environmental protection, equal opportunity, universal health care, support for labor unions and the introduction of social programs. The Democrats are called liberalists

The Republican Party was also founded in the late 1800s after the Democratic Party. Its philosophy is centered on support for free enterprise, business, deregulation, national defense, restrictions on labor unions, traditional values, and free market capitalism. The Republicans are called conservatives.

These two parties have not been able to get along for the past eight years in a country that was founded on a government by the people, of the people, and for the people. We the people have not been invited to their party. For years!

A party is going on here and we are not invited. Our votes don’t seem to get us in. Political parties that work together for the people are not a false start. They make a country great.

Capitol Building U.S. Congress
United States Capitol Rotunda. Democratic and Republican party home in Washington D.C.


“Born For This”: A False Start?

The Alliance Theater in Atlanta, Georgia  opens its doors to some very good productions. Recently we saw the broadway hit “Disgraced” there. One of the things that they do when they have a new production is invite the community to come to an evening of Q & A with pertinent people involved with bring the play to the stage. On the evening of March 15, my two daughters and I went to such an event. This one was for the upcoming production of “Born for This.” Read the following link:

As you can see this play is the story of Bebe Winans. If you are not familiar with him, Bebe Winans is one of nine children born into a family who dedicated their lives to gospel music. Bebe sang with his sister Cece and they were my favorite gospel singers. I owned all of their music and always played it in my car. It was a staple for me during traffic or when the interstate was filled with eighteen-wheelers. I do not like to drive next to those big trucks. The children would say “Mama must be nervous about those trucks, she’s playing Bebe and CeCe.” To see Bebe in person was a treat for me. He turned it into a thrilling episode of my life when he sang the theme song for the play “Born for This.” I wanted to hit the repeat track button and I could not! The first thing I asked was if I could buy the song now. Unfortunately it is not available to the public yet although there were many people in the audience with their cell phones up recording it. Who knows? It may be on youtube today and I’ve missed it. I eagerly anticipate this play and to prepare myself for it, I pulled out all of my old Bebe and Cece music today. The young man who plays Bebe is actually his nephew. I hope for his sake that he can sing. Because Bebe is a great singer. I’ve been to concerts before where the artists sound better on their recordings than they do in person. Sometimes they don’t sound the same at all. But not Bebe! That man  brings his voice with him. No lip syncing for him! His voice sounds as if he’s straining to hit some of those notes, but watching him you can see that the sound flows from deep within and there’s no strain or struggle involved. He is awesome!

“Born for This” is not a false start. It is a beautiful new song by Bebe Winans and is also the title of his new play. I’ll be there!


Turn in the Direction of the Skid!

It is night. On a long, dark, country road. The headlights of a car come into view. The vehicle is speeding. As it approaches a sharp curve it suddenly hits a patch of ice that causes it to swerve across the road with the back wheels skidding. Almost instantaneously it goes into a spin! Round and round it goes until it flips over and lands upside down—wheels still turning. Seconds pass. Suddenly it explodes and bursts into flames! And we know without a doubt that every living soul inside will perish.

One slick spot and the occupants of the vehicle experience the last day of the rest of their lives.

And the director yells “Cut!”


We’ve all seen that movie, but sometimes in life we will hit a slippery spot or an icy patch in the middle of our road to destiny.

Things like failing a class; not graduating on time; not getting the job that dreams are made of; losing a job; being passed over for a promotion; the roof caves in; an accidental fall breaks a hip or a limb; not having luggage arrive at our destination when we do; a delayed flight; a missed train; a tornado; etc. etc. ad infinitum.

These things happen and we go into a skid.

red car enters the turn with skid.
Both a skidding car and life on the skids should be handled the same way.

What should we do? Should we give in, flip over, and burst into flames? Do we allow the small setbacks in life to determine our destiny? Not if we want to survive. Survival dictates that we:

Turn in the direction of the skid and regain control.

What does it mean to turn in the direction of the skid?
In a car, it means to steer in the direction you want the front wheels to go. For example, if your rear wheels are sliding left, steer left. If they’re sliding right, steer right. Turning in the direction of the skid allows  you to regain control and steer the vehicle straight ahead.

In life it means the same thing. If incidents and situations aren’t going the way you’d like, turn into the direction of these occurrences. Lean in. Roll with the punches. Clean up behind yourself. If you’re hurting scream out loud and keep going!  Knowing that this too will pass as long as we do the next best thing.
In our cars and in our lives we turn in the direction of the skid, straighten up, and keep moving forward.

Studying the manual of driving procedures and laws will allow you to pass a written test for your driver’s license. And if your actual driving is good enough you are awarded a license that sets you free to have an adventure on the road.

Do we have a manual for living? Some say the holy scriptures contain words to live by. Some say the truth sets you free to have an adventure in life.


Unfortunately, skids really happen. Acknowledge them and don’t give in to them. Don’t allow the  skids to cause you to panic and flip over and out. Turn in the direction of the skid! Stay straight on the road to your destiny.


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