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A Murderous Preacher’s wife in “A Backcourt”



A murderous preacher’s wife is a spouse who is capable of murder and is wed to  a preacher. In my new novel “A Backcourt,” not only is Lacy Brogdon a preacher’s wife, but she is very adept at murder. She’s killed enough people she no longer hesitates when choosing to allow someone to live or die. She commits murder when she needs to and has a firm belief that a power greater than herself is at work to make straight her way. It would seem that Lacy is the protagonist, but in truth she is the best antagonist ever. “A Backcourt” has been submitted to the Kindle Scout Program for consideration for publishing. Please click on the link below to read the first two chapters and also to nominate me. If I am selected all nominees will receive a free copy of the e-book. Thank you in advance for choosing to nominate “A Backcourt.” It is the third novel in a series that began with “A False Start.” Follow this link:

A Backcourt follows A Moving Screen


Typewriter with Thriller button, vintage“A Backcourt,” follows “A Moving Screen” as the third novel in the series of suspense thrillers by Kris Allis. Once again Orella Bookings, Merlot Candy, Kathy Stockton, and Felton Dade will join forces  again to bring about justice.

“A Backcourt” has a wonderful cast of characters who all work together to bring about a series of events that culminate with a sense of finality whereby all questions are answered.

“A Backcourt” will be released as an e-book in December, 2017. The first two novels “A False Start” and “A Moving Screen” are on sale at

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